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Victoria Wilson

Tania Nunez

April 2017

I'm an artist & textile surface designer based in NYC. Most of my work is inspired by nature, animals & repetitive patterns, my goal is to share and inspire others to have a connection with animals and nature through the artwork I create. I teach art workshops in NYC, I love trying out new mediums and sketchbox gave me a perfect opportunity with their Cretacolor leads!

You can find out more about my artwork at:

Some of the places her work has been featured at: Idlewild Magazine, Astoria Art Festival, Queens Museum of Art, San Colorea’s NYC Inbox 12 Postcard Project, Brooklyn Collective Shop, Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn, Think Coffee, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Manhattan Graphics Center.

Joanne Barby

Victoria Wilson

March 2017

I was born in the countryside of Kentucky. My wife is in the military, and we have been stationed all over the world with our two amazing sons. Our travels, life experiences and tribulations have influenced my artwork and shaped it to what it has become today. My mother raised me as more of a contemporary/realist, which taught me many effective skills that have been blended and tweaked to become more of the surreal/fantasy style with the gothic twist you see today. I prefer working with ink, watercolor, markers and acrylic for my enduring works. I never leave home without my sketchbook and always take the time to put my ideas on paper when an idea strikes.

More of my work can be seen at: Instagram: @art.of.toriewilson Facebook: Etsy:

Joanne Barby

Joanne Barby

February 2017

I’m an artist who lives in a small town on the NSW South Coast of Australia. I have always loved art, especially the process of making art. As an artist I find inspiration, in that we get to “see” things that may go unnoticed, if not explored so closely through an artwork. My medium of choice is PanPastel, as it allows me to loosely block in, thin layers of what I “see” in colour, with no detailed drawing first.  The ease of application and the ability to erase any mistakes, takes any pressure off whilst using this medium. I teach workshops all over Australia and the US in PanPastel and love sharing creativity with other likeminded people.

For more of my work please check out the following:

Rose Ingracia

Rose Ingracia

January 2017

Hello, my name is Rose, and I am a self taught artist from the beautiful state of Nebraska. I have loved the arts ever since I could hold a pencil. However, seeking inspiration from other artists and being able to connect is really what pushed me to take art more seriously. My favorite medium to work with is watercolor, because the light pigment creates an elegant look that I really love.  I love to create my pieces with a meaning behind them, so each one of my works gives a little insight into my life.  I am very happy to have started my very own small business and I look forward to continued growth.  As I continue developing my skills as an artist, my one hope is to inspire others, just as they have inspired me. As an artist my favorite quote is by Edgar Degas, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Check out more on my Instagram, @justyourordinaryartist, and my Etsy shop:

Hannah Hill

Hannah Hill

December 2016

Hannah dislikes writing about herself so here are a few facts …
She is a self-taught, natural artist.
She grew up drawing Brian Froud and Cicely Mary Barker faeries.
Her favorite art style is Art Nouveau.
She has never worked with oil paints.
Watercolors are her preferred medium.
Her favorite color combination to use is green, purple, and pink.
She has never completely filled an entire sketchbook.
Her work is in private collections all around the world.
She is mostly likely to draw a faerie or mermaid.
Typically she works in miniature art.
Her favorite place to draw is in bed.
She has a degree in Geology – not art.
Has recently been experimenting with new mediums - thanks to Sketchbox!

Check her out on:
Instagram: @shannahhill
Deviant art:
Etsy shop: artbyhannah

Sarah Jayne Reed

Sarah Jayne Reed

November 2016

Hi! I’m an artist and art educator residing in Central Ohio. I hold a Master of Art with a Minor in Art History, though when it comes to much of my art, including colored pencil, I’m self-taught. Growing up with creative parents, I was drawing from the time I could hold a pencil. These days, the juggling process of having a full time career and attempting to pursue my art can be a struggle, but I try to make time each day to create. I am fascinated with color theory and am drawn to colored pencil and oil paints because of their layering capability, allowing colors to interact. I often choose subject matter that is visually appealing or meaningful to me. Family members, Boston Terriers, mythical creatures, crystals, and nature elements are often cornerstones in my artwork. I like my work to have a happy, fond, or nostalgic tone.

Check out more of Sarah's art at the links below:
Instagram: @oppositeofordinarystudios


Fatma Sahem

October 2016

My name is Fatma and I’m a graphic designer and an artist from beautiful sunny Dubai. When I’m not doing my job as a graphic designer, you will find me in a coffee shop or corner somewhere sketching and drawing in my sketchbook. I’ve always had a great love for art and drawing. I recently started making youtube videos of my drawings and paintings, since they are my favourite type of videos to watch. I also have an online shop where I sell most of my artworks please do check it out! 

Check out more of my work on these platforms

Instagram: @tomoko_x


Caitlin Stevens

September 2016

Hello! I am an Illustrator/Artist located in the beautiful city of San Francisco California. Originally from  Cortland, New York, I moved here to attend school at California College of the Arts, where I gained experiences, lessons, and friends that have helped me to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a professional artist.  I am currently showing work in the City Arts Gallery in San Francisco, as well as working on illustrations for various companies. Creating and making art has always been my biggest passion,   and I worked hard enough so I am able to do it as a living! Now, I wake up every morning to a job that I love. Don't give up!

Check out more of my work at: or by following me on instagram @caitstevens22.  


Roger LaDouceur

August 2016

 I was fortunate to have great art teachers growing up in MA. They taught me a wide array of styles and forms of media. It is because of their teachings that I was selected into the Illustrator/Draftsman rate in the US Navy. After completing my service I turned my artistic passion toward tattooing. I served a three year apprenticeship and worked in several studios up and down the east coast. In 2006 I opened Star City Tattoos in Roanoke, VA. I paint in oil, acrylic, pastels, but enjoy colored pencil the most. Using multiple forms of media has nurtured my need for artistic growth. Every day that I am able to open my eyes is an opportunity to push a little harder into the areas of art that I have yet to uncover. I am thankful for the little box of joy that shows up on my doorstep at the beginning of each month. I know that I will be off on another artistic adventure as soon as my SketchBox arrives. Thank you SketchBox!

Instagram: @roger4202
Facebook: tat2roger & starcitytattoos



July 2016

I am a 22 year-old artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. Art has always been a passion for me since I was a child, and I've never for minute second-guessed my dedication to drawing and painting. After the military I went on to become an animation student, and I feel like I'm really following my dreams, which has always been important to me! When I'm not spending time on homework I am sketching monsters and creatures from my dreams and imagination. My favorite medium would have to be ink, because it can be intensely bold and makes colors jump off the page. A close second is watercolor because it was easy for me to learn and I love how beautifully the paint can flow onto paper. The one piece of advice that has stuck with me and always comes back is something my art teacher told me before I graduated high school and that was "Be the sponge. Soak up as much knowledge and inspiration as you can and always be a curious artist." I love that.
Instagram @cryptiicink

Nikki Laxar

Angela Fife

June 2016

My ultimate desire in my painting is to express my struggles, emotions, frustrations and joys through images. I use my own life as a study and a place to draw from.  Meeting or rejecting expectations of those around me, finding that perfect balance that alludes me, living a happy and fulfilling life. These are some of my emotional subjects. I paint the objects that surround me. My paintings are my thoughts, my insecurities and my day-to-day routines. Painting is personal to me. I see paint as a tangible tool to record my reactions to the world. I am a woman, I am a mother, I am a painter. One does not exist without the other, they are intertwined, and they compliment each other. “Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings.” –George Tooker

Check out more of Angela's art on her website or instagram.

Nikki Laxar


May 2016

My name is Josie and I'm a young artist and product design student from the beautiful capital of Germany. I love drawing since I was able to hold a pen and creating what comes to mind, rather than following just one art style. Drawing is kind of a therapy for me to overcome daily life and connect with other people. Art is what keeps me motivated - As Pablo Picasso once said: "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off your soul" Check out more of her art on her Instagram: @Josilix or

Nikki Laxar

Nikki Laxar

April 2016

Hi! I'm Nikki Laxar. I was born and raised in the beautiful, eclectic state of Vermont. I've always had a fascination with the animal world and anything artistic. Most of my work involves combining the two in a very whimsical way.  I'm a self-taught artist who enjoys learning new ways to bring my vision to life through every new piece. I primarily enjoy working with watercolor and ink. I really love the process of bleeding color onto paper and letting it trail off with just a little guidance. Layering ink on top of the paint allows me to really express my vision and stitch more detail into the overall piece, letting the paint strokes guide my pen.   Aside from my watercolor illustrations, I enjoy working with my clients to create realistic pet portraits, logo designs and tattoos.  I'm into anything earthy, natural fibers and texture,  thrift stores, repurposed art, kitty snuggles, the moon and many things that most people find odd and creepy. Check out more of Nikki’s work at on instagram: or her etsy page  

Cody Ruse

Cody Ruse

March 2016

Creating art that catches your eye the second you notice it and makes you wonder how so many small details being brought together can make a whole piece of work is what I do. Whether it's portraits or animals, I love the idea of being able to bring together so many aspects of drawing that seem simple and almost basic to produce images. The combination of patterns, geometric shapes, fine lines and texture is inspired by my desire to make my work as aesthetically pleasing as I possibly can. My process is like an alternate universe. The concept of time is warped as I spend, what feels like the blink of an eye but is actually, hours upon hours immersed in the details and watching the lines work together to create a final piece.

Check out more of his art on instragram @CodyRuseArt



February 2016

Hi, I'm Hosio and I like to create things. Since primary school I was always drawing something or use the things I've found around me to create things. I never knew what my dream job would be, but I always wanted it to be something connected with drawing. In my country (Poland) the word 'artist' is a rather pejorative term and associated with being poor, that's why I didn't want to be one. I've decided to study architecture instead of fine arts. Boy, was I wrong. As it turns out, I had it all backwards, so I've dropped out of my studies and concentrated on self improvement. Now I'm a freelance artist, and my ambition is to get a job in the game development industries. You can see my progress on tumblr or follow me on instagram

Julie Edwards

Julie Edwards

January 2016

My work is nothing short of a journey into the otherworldly, where even reason and common sense do not have to apply.  Fairy Tales are a huge inspiration for me in their relentless wonder and inviting nature.  I think it's important to not take structure too seriously. Nothing can be more dynamic and flourishing than art that holds the very pinnacle of what may be, not just what already is.  Experiencing something with as much free reign as art is like a loophole in life; it should be enjoyed.  I always do custom illustrations! Visit my pages to learn more: facebook , instagram , and etsy.

Andrew Rodgers

Andrew Rodgers

December 2015

Andrew Rodgers was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from the Academy of Art. He loves to draw, paint, and have as much fun as he can. He is currently working on illustrations of a few children’s books and publications. Focusing his style on shape and line, he loves to draw people and animals. Check out his work at or his Instagram @warchildling.
Brian Henry

Brian Henry

November 2015

I've been into art my whole life but it wasn't until I was in a nearly fatal car accident that left me with an essentially paralyzed left arm that I decided it's more important to do what makes you happy instead of what just makes you money. So I left my corporate job and went to selling my art on the streets of the very vibrant New Orleans.  I paint what is considered "pop art" but I like to think of it as "subrealism" in that I don't add every detail and I change the colors up to a simple palette that I think showcases everything from love to rage in an amplified way. I like contrast... heavy contrast and striking images that are not always from the beaten path. I draw from what influences me. I've always been into offbeat movies and cult classics that aren't so mainstream. Gritty, beautifully shot film can be so inspiring to me and I like to capture the absolute height of a character in one single still shot.  I like to show people something that they haven't necessarily seen before, and definitely in a different way. All I use is acrylic paint markers by Montana. No brushes for me. I like the way a paint marker feels and it works great for what I want to do. Once in a great while I will use brushes for backgrounds but even then, I sometimes prefer the markers. I take pride in making things that give people an emotional reaction, even if just for a moment, and I am happy as can be to be doing what I love now.

Brian used the materials from our premium box to create his piece. Check out more of his art on his instagram @eightangrybears and, as well as his website

Curious how he accomplished such an inredibly detailed piece? Read our blog post for pictures and detailed description of how he created this month's piece.
Shannon Lane

Shannon Lane

October 2015

Shannon comes to us from St. Charles, Missouri. When we saw her art we knew we had to feature it. Despite being only 16 her attention to detail and photographic realness is nothing short of professional level. Her pieces are typically done with graphite and occasionally she’ll add color to her work to accent specific parts of her pieces. To see more of her art check out her instagram @shannonelizabethart

Crystina Castiglione

Crystina Castiglione

September 2015

Being a visual artist is not something I fell into, it is something I do every day because I feel compelled to create. I always have. I feel that there are few things more important than what you can craft with your own two hands. I am heavily inspired by having grown up somewhat simultaneously in coastal Massachusetts towns as well as the Gulf and east coast of Florida. My interest in coastal life and the ocean frequently appears in my work, as does my love of Italian heritage, road trips and patterns. My work is a combination of watercolor and ink illustrations that sometimes use hand lettering or typography. I try to delicately craft each painting, recreating the layers of colors and textures that appear within the subject matter. Follow @themessypainter on instagram and twitter to see my evolving collection of work and artistic adventures or visit 

Armando Renteria

Armando Renteria

August 2015

Armando Renteria comes to us from Whittier, California where he creates incredible painted works typically done with acrylic or oil. His talents are diverse and developed at a professional level, and he often lends his talents to his community in the form of murals. When he submitted his portrait work to us, we knew immediately we absolutely had to feature his art. If you’d like to see more of his work or talk to him about commissioning a piece check out his website at and follow him on instagram @armandoartist.

Adele Flammand

Adele Flammand

July 2015

Adele Flamand is from New Milford, Connecticut. She used the black and white pastels from the basic box to create this stunningly photorealistic piece. When Adele contacted us to be a featured artist we were blown away with her talent and we're so thankful for the time she spent on this piece for us. To see more of her incredible work head over to her instagram account @uhdele.


Antonio Sanchez

June 2015

This month our featured artist is Antonio Sanchez age 16 from San Jose, California. We came across his art through our last featured Artist Rebecca E.L. Wyke - it's one of her students! He's shown a tremendous achievement in his classes and we wanted to provide some exposure to his art. Rich with symbolism his piece shows true artistic vision. We can't wait to see where his art takes him in the future.

Generic placeholder image

Rebecca E.L. Wyke

May 2015

Rebecca E. L. Wyke is from San Francisco, California. Rebecca is an illustrator, painter and teacher in San Jose. Every day she empowers her students to express themselves. She used the materials in this month's box to create an amazing surreal piece for SketchBox. We're so thankful for the talent that she shared with us. We hope her piece can inspire you to have as much fun as possible with your box. Check out her art at

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Morgan Ashley

April 2015

Morgan used materials from our basic box to create a unique piece for SketchBox. Armed with Tombow water color markers, a brush, and some Sakura Micron pens she created this amazingly detailed Day of the Dead skull. We're super thankful she shared her amazing talents with us this month, and hope she can inspire you to create something unique with your box.