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February 2018 Premium Box

Theme: Blending!

this picture was taken by our talented subscriber on instagram!

So what came in the box?!

Full 12 Piece Set of Derwent Inktense Pencils

Retail Value: $33.99 each

Combining the brilliant intensity of pen and ink with the versatility of line and wash, these pencils can be used for dry, rich, intense color or washed out with a little water to create a vivid translucent effect. The rich pigment extends further than traditional watercolor pencils, and is more opaque for true ink effect. Once dry, the color is permanent, allowing for artwork to be washed over with other media without bleeding.

Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Pen

Retail Value: $3.95 each

This pen features highly intense, saturated dye-based liquid watercolor that dries within minutes, can be rewetted and is blendable.

Sakura Pigma Brush Pen

Retail Value: $2.89

Sakura's Pigma Brush was specifically developed to meet the needs of free-hand artists who require a fine point, flexible, brush-style nib. The ink is quick-drying, waterproof, fade-resistant, and of archival quality. It will not smear once dry. Use it to outline your art this month.

Prismacolor Premier Brush Pen

Retail Value: $3.75

We’ve added another fantastic brush pen to add a pop of color and allow you to compare the nibs between Sakura and Prismacolor.

Strathmore Toned Mixed Media Pad


Make the most of your supplies this month with a special bonus item from our friends at Strathmore. The paper in their Toned Mixed Media Pad combines the characteristics of a watercolor paper and the finish of a drawing sheet, for use with both wet and dry media.

Total retail value of this box: $44.58

Cost of our Premium Box: $35

Want a cheaper option? Check out our basic box.

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