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May 2018 Premium Box

Theme: Graphic Illustration!

this picture was taken by our talented subscriber @purplepandagurl on instagram!

So what came in the box?!

2 x ShinHan Art Touch Twin Brush Markers

Retail Value: $7.50 each

The Touch Twin Brush Marker features a flexible fiber brush nib on one end and a graphic chisel nib on the other, allowing artists the finest control of ink flow, with no smudging or bleeding. We chose a pale green and Terracotta color to create an earthy pallette.

Original Copic Marker - Mint Green

Retail Value: $7.99

The gold standard for graphic artists. This marker has a broad graphic chisel nib for covering large areas and small bullet nib for details. The marker is refillable and the nibs are replaceable making it a long lasting addition to your artistic arsenal.

Copic Sketch Marker

Retail Value: $7.99

Perhaps our most requested item, we included it this month to build out your collection and to allow you to compare its quality against the Touch Twin markers.

Prismacolor Premier Chisel/Fine Marker - Sand

Retail Value: $6.50

Sanford has built a strong reputation with artists who depend on quality and consistency in color. We added this marker to let you compare it against the Copic original and round out the color palette this month.

ShinHan Art Touch Liner - Brush

Retail Value: $6.50

Finally we included a liner brush with a beautiful Japanese nib and Korean ink from ShinHan. Use it to outline your new illustrations.

Derwent Drawing Pencil - Chinese White

Retail Price: 2.89

The soft and creamy texture of the extra-thick color lead can be layered on top of your new markers to add highlights and gradients.

Total retail value of this box: $46.87

Cost of our Premium Box: $35

Want a cheaper option? Check out our basic box.

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