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June 2018 Premium Box

Theme: Gouache!

this picture was taken by our talented subscriber on instagram!

So what came in the box?!

Holbein Designers Gouache - Yellow

Retail Value: $10.50

Holbein desingers gouache is made from the finest pigments selected for high density saturation and lightfastness. This opaque matte paint can be mixed with other colors without the loss of brilliance, opacity, or hue value.

Holbein Acryla Gouache - Crimson [STAFF FAVORITE]

Retail Value: $8.95

Made with a pure water-soluble acryl resin, Acryla Gouache is brilliant, lightfast and permanent. It moves, reacts, blends and feels like traditional gouache. However, unlike a traditional gouache which is made with a gum Arabic binder, it does not have a fragile paint film, is compatible with any water-soluble media, and is waterproof when dry.

Royal Talens Gouache - light blue

Retail Value: $10.45

Outstanding for consistency in brushability, opacity and a velvety matt finish, these gouache colors are ideal for artists, designers and illustrators. The colors are notably thixotropic – they reduce from a paste-like consistency to a fluid with just a few mixes with a brush.

Princeton Brush - Neptune Round #2 [STAFF FAVORITE]

Retail Value: $8.35

Princeton Neptune Series Synthetic Squirrel Brush is Princeton's thirstiest brush ever, delivering oceans of color to the sheet. It’s color capacity makes it perfect for working with gouache. We picked a round size 2 so you could create beautiful detail with your new art.

Marabu Skyline Fineliner Set

Retail Value: $6.99

We included a set of four .5mm fineliners from Marabu so you can add details over your gouache in multiple colors. While testing the supplies we found ourselves making a lot of floral patterns. We’re excited to see what you create with this month’s palette of colors.

Savoir Faire Gouache - white and violet

Retail Price: $1.80 each

We included two more tubes of Savoir Faire gouache to round out your palette and create more options for blended colors. We love their gouache because it’s affordable, relatively high quality, and a great introduction to the medium.

Total retail value of this box: $48.84

Cost of our Premium Box: $35

Want a cheaper option? Check out our basic box.

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