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August 2017 Premium Box


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Product Description

This month is all about unique paint pens! What’s more unique than mixing your own custom colors? This month we included two 25ml bottles of super high quality fluid acrylic from Montana. Mix these two colors together to create your own unique acrylic markers. These acrylics can be used with brushes (like the one in our March box) and work well on many surfaces like paper, canvas, metal, or wood. Use your new fluid acrylic bottles to fill up these empty markers in whatever color ratio you’d like! Use one for solid blue, one for solid yellow or opt for a unique color mix. These .7 mm tips allow for unique precision and are great for detail work, line work, mandalas, or zentangles. To add some variety in your line width we added a thicker tipped 2mm empty pen. Use this to color larger areas or to add depth to your line work. We also included a Derwent Graphik Line Painter. These paint markers feature a Japanese nib and are filled with an acrylic/watercolor like opaque paint that becomes permanent when dry. The pigmented paint is water-based and solvent-free, and dilutes with water. Finally we included some black artist tiles from Strathmore to really provide some contrast for your new pieces!

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