Featured Artists

Featured Artists

Every month an artist uses the materials from our boxes to create a piece of art to inspire.

Karla Cordova

April 2024

A long-time subscriber, Karla seeks to tell a story through her art. Daily life is her main inspiration, through which she depicts everyday adventures with her children. She taught herself to paint with watercolors ten years ago, birds being her first subject of interest. Ever since, she has practiced urban sketching, plein air painting, and a little bit of everything in between. She loves being challenged with new media, and never a day goes by without a scribble.

Instagram @karla_cordova_m

Alex Louisa

April 2024

Based near Brisbane, Australia – Alex mainly works with oils, PanPastel and watercolour, but she also loves to experiment with new materials. Having worked as a graphic artist for eight years, she now focuses solely on her personal work. Her work focuses on elements of the natural world that grab her attention. Birds have always been her favorite subject, but between the intensity of intricately rendering a bird’s feathers or a moth’s patterned wings, studying light and shadow through still life or landscapes is also an area of focus. Alex has exhibited through the US and Australia, and she teaches workshops to pass on her love of her favorite materials.

Instagram @alexlouisa_

Amanda Johnson

March 2024

A member of our Social Squad, Amanda loves drawing characters and fantasy focused art - especially if any cats are ivolved. Her work spans a variety of different traditional and digital media with an emphasis on light and striking colors. instagram @dou_jo

Jenilee Marie

February 2024

As a self-taught watercolorist, Jenilee is constantly exploring new materials to hone her craft. Residing in the beautiful landscape of the North Georgian Mountains, she draws inspiration from nature - which influences the subject matter of her work. Her art focuses on Tlorals and botanical illustration, showcasing a particular knack for expressive brushwork. As a nurse and mother of two, she finds it important to make time for a daily painting practice.

Alex Alford

January 2024

Exploring the interplay of light and form in various media, Alex finds particular joy in capturing the essence of people through portraiture. A frequent and enthusiastic traveler, he has taught live drawing workshops in cities around the world. When he's not drawing or touring with his band, he's probably still drawing.
instagram @AlexDrawsLife

Alison Keller

December 2023

A longtime subscriber, Alison has been part of the SketchBox community for several years and creates stunning dragon illustrations and imaginative creatures. By intertwining fantasy and reality, science and magic, and an exploration of the unknown. Alison uses her art to bring forth creatures both spectacular and terrifying. Her love of fantasy with a dash of science was born of an early passion for nature and paleontology, later sprinkled with fantasy video games, Dungeons and Dragons, and the Dragonlance novels she read in high school.
instagram @tehshadowdargon

Spencer Beals

November 2023

As a communitv-focused artist, Spencer hosts sketchbook clubs and nature journaling clubs out of Asheville, NC. When not creating, he can be found camping in his van or engaged in pop-up events, vending his art throughout the country. He makes detailed, imaginative worlds that intertwine the wonder of nature with the magic of storytelling.
instagram @beals.art

Danica Sills

October 2023

Through the magic of wet media, Danica loves to paint dark, haunted themes blended with soft, flowing shapes. You will almost always find bones and spooky moths in her art, adorning her characters and portraits. Much of her inspiration stems from exploring the world around her especially from the night sky and rainy weather. She has earned a BEA in Illustration and shares her expertise across her social media channels.
instagram @danica.sills

Niky Motekallem

September 2023

An Iranian-American illustrator, Niky depicts flora and fauna with intricate lines and bright colors inspired by their Persian Culture. Their work uses symbolism and a personal mythology to communicate deep emotions and celebrate our connections with the natural world. When they aren't working in the studio, Niky can be found brewing a decadent cup of tea, meandering through antique shops, going on hikes with plant identification quides, or playing D&D with friends
instagram @royalghostmarch

Carter McGuyer

August 2023

An Industrial Designer based in north Alabama, and principle behind the Carter McGuyer Design Group, Inc. Founded in May of 2006, we design and develop products that are equal parts beautiful, functional and cost-efficient. Defining his work as clean, tailored, and modern, Carter sketches every day. He uses sketching as method of "design thinking" and a way to exhaust every idea when beginning a new project. Carter holds more than 50 patents and has brought more than 750+ products successfully to market.
instagram @carter.mcguyer.design

Anastasia Vasileva

July 2023

As a self-taught artist who likes to try new materials and different styles, Anastasia also enjoys traveling. Lately, she has been combining these 2 passions by working plein air in the places she visits. Even though she has a full-time job in an IT company, Anastasia makes sure to dedicate time to honing her craft. She recently undertook the challenge of making art every day, which she shares on her Instagram account. She welcomes everyone to join her, as she thinks that daily practice is not only beneficial for improvement but also fun. It does not have to be an accomplished piece; it can be a quick sketch of a passerby or loose doodles. Forget about perfection –  just put pencil to paper and enjoy the creative ride!
instagram @missis.artista

Sophie Paradis

June 2023

Hailing from Atlanta, Sophie is a fine art painter and craftsman who expresses herself through a multitude of mediums in an effort to share her curious ideas. Her passion for mother nature is showcased in her vibrant work through her emphasis on the botanical and natural worlds. A variety of her work is currently on display at The Marquee in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC.
instagram @sophieparadis_art

Keyla Valery

May 2023

With a BFA in Illustration from the Ringling College of Art and Design, Keyla is an accomplished graphic artist/designer. She currently works doing private comic commissions, comic cover art, original art/digital illustration, and merchandise. An adjunct professor at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Keyla consistently seeks to develop her own skill set and that of her students.
instagram @kvalerio_art

Carrah-Anne Aldridge

April 2023

Based in Michigan, Carrah is a self-taught traditional artist whose work is vivid and saturated, portraving galactic or nature themes. These colorful, whimsical illustrations have allowed her to garner a large following across social media. Her favorite materials include alcohol markers, pens, and colored pencils. Her work has been featured in several publications, such as the Huffington Post Mashable and Teen Voque. She has also had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of brands, and she is excited to see where her artistic journey takes her in the future
instagram @creative_carrah

Dustin Spagnola

March 2023

A contemporary visual artist and painter, his current work explores portraiture, the human form, and light through the mediums of both spray paint and oil. As the founder of 474 Gallery Studio (in Asheville, NC), he regularly hosts shows and events to support local creatives. His work ranges from fine art on canvas to larger-than-life murals, each one informing the other.
instagram @dustinspagnola

Bryce Widom

February 2023

Widom is a self-taught Colorado painter, whose artwork hangs in collections across North America. Influenced deeply by his childhood in remote Alaska, his work emphasizes both a sense of vast spaciousness and the often wild and beautiful worlds that arise from this silence.
instagram @brycewidom

Lana Gloschat

January 2023

Based in Salt Lake City, Lana received a BFA in Drawing and Painting at the University of Utah and went on to complete a master’s degree in secondary education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She loves exploring new mediums, new approaches, and working with new subjects; her approach to art making is deeply rooted in curiosity and discovery. Lana is deeply inspired by nature and loves to play with color.
Instagram: @lanagloschatart

Nikoli Shaver

December 2022

As a part of the SketchBox team, Nikoli helps to create the educational content for each of our boxes and illustrates our monthly sticker. His personal work focuses on portraiture and floral illustration, with a distinct graphic style. He describes himself as an avid mixed media artist, and his work has been exhibited in galleries across the PNW and Denver.

Instagram: @56minor

Buddhika Geasman

November 2022

Based in Austin, TX Geasman is a UX/UI engineer with a passion for illustration. As an artist, her work spans both digital and traditional media, with an emphasis on markers and colored pencils. Adventure, family, friendship, and the natural world are consistent themes in her work. Each of her illustrations hints at a larger narrative story, drawing her audience into the worlds she creates. Check out her instagram to see more of her personal and commision work.
instagram: @mochi.peachu
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Aliya Smith

October 2022

An Atlanta based illustrator and muralist. her work focuses on surreal femininity and the connection with nature and self. Aliya has drawn her entire life with great encouragement from her family to pursue a life in the arts. Her pieces tenderly spotlight mental illness and self preservation through crisp line work and pop colors. instagram: @aliyailsa

Orion Mabelle

September 2022

As a multidisciplinary artist, Orion specializes in drawing and sculpting the human figure from life and imagination. The raw essence of figure drawing has no comparison in terms of inspiration for him. Having picked it up over 10 years ago, he has never looked back since Outside of life drawing, he invents creatures and characters for fantasy worlds illustrating key visual moments in stories to tantalize the senses. instagram: @artoforionmabelle
fb : @artoforionmabelle

Lois Sparks

August 2022

Born in the Philippines, Sparks relocated herself to the United States when she turned 19 to further her education in Information Systems. As a self-taught artist, Sparks started her art journey six years ago when she fell in love with modern calligraphy and brush lettering. She has explored several mediums and has spent the last four years focusing on watercolor painting. Her work has been featured by VersaChalk, Arteza, Sakura of America, May Designs, Power of Positivity, Crayola, and Tombow USA to name a few.
instagram: @loissparksart
fb : @thesparksdesigns

Nikoli Shaver

July 2022

As a part of the SketchBox team, Nikoli creates the educational content for each of our boxes and illustrates our monthly sticker. His personal work focuses on portraiture and floral illustration, drawing inspiration from the natural world and modern concepts of beauty. He describes himself as a mixed media artist, and his work has been exhibited in galleries across the PNW and Denver.
instagram: @56minor

Kamryn Tulare

June 2022

As a self-taught artist based in the state of Washington, Tulare specializes in colored pencil portraiture. Her technique of shading and layering bright colors gives her portraits of eccentric young women a prismatic yet soft effect. Her work explores concepts such as vulnerability, self-image, femininity, and the relationship between the demands of online presence verse individuality.
instagram: @kamt.art

Andrew Pena

May 2022

As an artist, Pena uses Plein Air painting to capture the little moments all around us. He relies on shapes, light, and colors to capture the atmosphere of a location; for Pena, his work is a form of meditation. Check out his Instagram to see more of his work or his website to purchase.
instagram: @dasdrew_

Morgan Beem

April 2022

As a freelance artist working predominately in comics and illustration, Beem has a passion for storytelling. She works in a broad range of styles and genres but her focus, at all times, is to tell a great story. Having illustrated several graphic novels, her client list includes DC Comics, Webtoon, Image, and Boom! Studios.
instagram: @morganbeem

Paulette Jo

March 2022

As a figurative painter, Paulette Jo seeks to depict beauty throughout her work. She focuses on creating narratives through images and turns them into zines and mini books. A mixed media artist, Paulette constantly challenges her self by exploring new mediums. A collection on her work is available online for purchase via her website.

instagram: @paulettejo

Matthew Bowman

February 2022

A product designer based in Sheffield, UK – Bowman has developed his clean, technical drawing skills throughout his career. Sketching is an integral part of his every day work, used to communicate ideas to clients/colleges and develop concepts. He spends his free time drawing, sketching and experimenting with different artistic techniques, graphic design, and illustration. By exploring different avenues of his craft, Bowman has developed his own recognizable style.

instagram: @mcpbowman

Cara Rosalie Olsen

January 2022

Olsen is floral fine artist and art educator residing in Orange County, California. She is a mother of two, Hazel and Violet, her real masterpieces who keep her hands very busy when there isn’t a brush in them. In addition to selling her artworks online, she teaches the fundamentals of watercolors to students all across the world. You can find the majority of her classes on Skillshare. Her new book “Botanical Watercoloring For Beginners” is set to launch Spring 2022.
instagram: @rosaliegwenpaperie

Michelle Anderst

December 2021

A Pacific Northwest oil painter and scientific illustrator, Anderst’s paintings have been exhibited internationally. She describes each of her compositions as a ritual or magic spell that weaves geometry, planetary correlations, and mystical symbolism into the piece. Through her art, Anderst conveys a sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, commonly overlooked non-human microcosms, microscopic creatures, and complex ecological systems.

instagram: @michelle_anderst
Joshua Boulet

Joshua Boulet

November 2021

An accomplished comic artist and plein air enthusiast – Boulet has traveled the world and documented it with his urban sketching anthology ‘Sketch The World’. No stranger to mixed media work, Boulet is a well trained artist in ink, gouache, watercolor, and digital mediums.

instagram: @josuaboulet

David Brown

Dennis Brown

October 2021

Dennis (Bagger43) Brown, was born in the Philippines in 1983, raised in different parts of Asia (Japan, Okinawa, Hawaii, & Philippines), and studied Illustration at Ringling College of Art & Design 2001-2005. Currently Dennis resides in San Francisco, working full-time as a designer and in his free-time puts his energy toward developing works for gallery shows and other self generated art projects.

instagram: @bags43


Rhodora Jacob

September 2021

With a whimsical and distinct style, Rhodora explores different mediums and themes throughout her artwork. She’s been featured in galleries across the US, London, Canada, Japan, and exhibits in artist alleys at comic conventions regularly. Pieces of her work are available on her website and is available for commissions of original work as well.

instagram: @rhododoodle


Nikoli Shaver

August 2021

A self taught artist and designer, Nikoli enjoys experimenting with mediums to create unique and exciting styles. His work has been found in galleries in Seattle and Denver, common themes in his pieces include people, plants, and the surreal. Prints of his artwork are availalbe on InPrnt. Instagram: @56Minor


Angelita Martinez

July 2021

Based in Seattle, WA – Angelita Martinez is a surrealist and contemporary naturalist focusing on drawing and painting. Graduating from the University of Montana, she gained a foundation in 2D and art history. She creates images with various art styles and aesthetics – recreating classic mythos, allegory, and lore. Her work is featured regularly across galleries in the Pacific North West, Nevada, and her home state of Montana. Prints of her previous work are available on her website.
Instagram: @grit_craptastic


Raine Frederickerson

June 2021

Based in Portland, OR — Raine is the creative force behind Thank You Lettering Co., specializing in hand lettered signage and chalkboards. Their work can be found adorning the local businesses across the Pacific North West and online through his work with remote clients.
Instagram: @thankyouletteringco

Kathryn McPhee

Kathryn McPhee

May 2021

Her most recent collections include a series of eccentric animal portraits, animated celebrity paintings, and skatedeck art. All of her works boast unique elements inspired by street art and surrealism to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Instagram: @mcphee.kathryn

Kyle Krauskopf

Kyle Krauskopf

April 2021

Lightning wielding, multi-disciplined artist Kyle Krauskopf creates without restraint. Given to grandiose and effort-intensive ideas, Krauskopf most recently completed a year long drawing challenge in which he created a unique, mixed-media work, each day for a year. He subscribes to the idea that to better your practice and make way for breakthroughs, sheer volume of work is required. He’s also recently helped to build the new Museum of Museums and Co-Founded the Atlantis Artist Collective, both in Seattle WA. He’s a frequent collaborator with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and seeks to help others - with an eye toward those in need, an ear for anyone who might need one, and hands always busy creating.

Instagram: @KyleKrauskopf


Kingsly Van Zandt

March 2021

Based in Richmond, Virginia – Kingsley is an illustrator and tattoo artist with a focus on the natural world. He is most known for his breathtaking work with illustration markers and has published several sketchbook compilations showcasing his work. Make sure to check out his Etsy shop where you can find a collection of pins, keychains, masks, and more!

Instagram: @alekivz
Twitter: @alekivz

Cassie Murphy

Cassie Murphy

February 2021

Is a web designer and artist at Valve Software, working on projects for Steam in Seattle, WA. Her most recognizable illustrations include "Game of Sits" and "Purrs & Recreation." She believes it's never too late to find your groove as an artist.

Instagram: @kittycassandra1
Twitter: @CassColors

Alex Garant

Alex Garant

January 2021

As a pioneer of Contemporary Figurative Op Art, she is known for her oil paintings which offer a graphic quality combined with traditional portrait techniques. Her work has been shown in several museums across the United States and she is represented by galleries in NY, LA, and Australia. She has been featured in publications such as Hi-fructose, Juxtapoz, Beautiful Bizarre, and on multiple online platforms such as VICE and The Huffington Post.
Alex Garant studied visual arts at Notre-Dame-De-Foy College, graduating in 2001 and ultimately settled down in Tornoto, Canada. After suffering from a heart attack in 2012, she truly committed to her passion for Arts, and forever changing how she would see the world.

Instagram: @AlexGarantArt



December 2020

We met Gris while in Frankfurt, Germany attending CreativeWorld, on the look out for new and innovative art supplies. A previous featured artist, we partnered with him on this months supplies – with a few surprises. A self taught artist with three decades of experience in the craft, his approach to art and education continue to inspire us.

Instagram: @gris030.de
Faceboook: @dergris


Terra DeHart

November 2020

A Seattle-based designer, illustrator, and caricature artist, she started drawing caricatures professionally at Disney World in 2010 and continues to moonlight as a caricature artist in the Seattle area. She graduated from Portland State University with her BS in graphic design, and her editorial illustrations have been featured in the Willamette Week, the Seattle Stranger, the Portland Vanguard and Outbound Herbivore Magazine. She has a passion for tattoos, her lovely pet rats and biking around the city causing mayhem.

Instagram: @terraonfirma


Lil Chan

October 2020

Having grown up in several different countries, she understood the importance of constant learning at an early age. Creating art helped Lil to process and understand the world around her while creating an outlet to communicate what she learned. Every piece she creates is born of curiosity, whether that's exploring a new space or trying out a new medium, with each artwork conveying a message or question. This mindset serves her well as a concept artist and illustrator in the gaming industry, specializing in tabletop and video games.

Instagram: @lalalichan.art


Nikoli Shaver

August 2020

This month we will be highlighting visual artists across industries again. These artists vary in medium, style, subject matter, and focus. As visual artists our job is it look honestly at the world around us with out bias or predisposition and acknowledge clearly the subjects before us. As creatives we craft imaginary worlds, objects, people and situations –  it is our responsibility that the images we create inspire and push us forward as a society.

Below is a list of creatives at different stages of their art journey, may their work inspire you as it has us:
@taylor.smalls, @bygracelynne, @bisabutler, @alexanderrharrison, @enoch_pencilz, @dwhite.orginal, @mwanel1_l, @theastergates, @rashidjohnson, @glennligon, @betyesaar, @silasonoja, @heavenlyartz, @iamibimcookey

Instagram: @56Minor
Twitter: @56Minor_
Prints available via InPrnt


Nikoli Shaver

July 2020

This month we will be highlighting visual artists across industries. These artists vary in medium, style, subject matter, and focus. As visual artists our job is it look honestly at the world around us with out bias or predisposition and acknowledge clearly the subjects before us. As creatives we craft imaginary worlds, objects, people and situations –  it is our responsibility that the images we create inspire and push us forward as a society. Below is a list of creatives at different stages of their art journey, may their work inspire you as it has us: @artbyama @dcpender @jonnydraco_ @mikanpen @king_midas._ @vashtiharrison @demillustration @loharris_art @hillarydwilsonart @euqinimodart @bampshi @sainasix @saphiraas @vanessaoliviaart @artofedge @geneva @oliveoilcorp @mahoney_artworks @btrcp @disa.reem

Instagram: @56Minor
Twitter: @56Minor_
Prints available via InPrint


Nikoli Shaver

June 2020

Nikoli is a self taught artist and designer, who enjoys working with new materials and different styles. Common themes in his artwork include people, plants, and the surreal.

This month’s box features Graphite, very friendly medium that’s great for artists just starting out and seasoned professionals. The ability to build value, blending, and edge control are what makes this medium so accessible to artists of every skill level. Wether blended in a soft gradient or left unblended to showcase grain, it’s a foundational tool in every artists toolbox! To find more of Nikoli’s work check out the following:

Instagram: @56Minor
Twitter: @56Minor_
Prints available via InPrint


Nikoli Shaver

May 2020

In an effort to develop our SketchBox school videos we decided to have Nikoli be our featured artist for the next few months. This way you can learn techniques he used to create the featured artist piece. This month Nikoli will show you how he created the watercolor background of this piece with the supplies in your box. To find more of Nikoli’s work check out the following:

Instagram: @56Minor
Twitter: @56Minor_
Prints available via InPrint


Nikoli Shaver

April 2020

In an effort to develop our SketchBox school videos we decided to have Nikoli be our featured artist for the next few months. This way you can learn techniques he used to create the featured artist piece.

This month’s artwork is inspired by a new wave of calligraphy artists that are taking traditional techniques and using them in new and surprising ways. If you enjoyed this month’s artwork, be sure to check out Leo Shallat (IG: @leo.shallat) and Cryptik (IG: @_cryptik_), both of these artists inspired this month’s piece! To find more of Nikoli’s work check out the following:

Instagram: @56Minor
Twitter: @56Minor_
Prints available via InPrint


Nikoli Shaver

March 2020

Nikoli is an illustrator + designer currently based in Denver, CO. A self taught artist, he enjoys learning how to work with new materials and working in different styles. Common themes in his artwork include people, plants, life, and the surreal.
You might have seen his name before through our newsletter, Nikoli is the newest member of the SketchBox team! He’ll be helping out with our educational videos, so be sure to check those out this month.

To find more of Nikoli’s work check out the following:
Instagram: @56Minor
Twitter: @56Minor_
Prints available via InPrint


Diego Peñuela

February 2020

Diego is an artist from Bogota, Colombia currently living and working in Atlanta. His main background is illustration and his work is usually inspired by books, poetry, music, graphic novels and anything that allows him to explore the close and complex relationship between words and images. His work is also informed by his Latin American identity and the need to find connection between that and his personal experience as an artist living in the US. Diego has earned accolades from publications and organizations like 3x3, Society of Illustrators LA, Latin American Illustration, Red dot Awards, Addy Awards and others.  He has also participated in group shows at ABV Gallery, Facet gallery, Mint Gallery, Mindzai Creative among others.

You can find more of Diego’s work at:

instagram @diegoillustration


Todd Saal

Todd Saal

January 2020

Born in New York City in 1964, Todd Saal started life out as an artist and musician. As an artist he undertook formal training in pastels, oil, and sculpture. After a few years painting and playing music, he entered the technology field where he went on to form his own company. Through his approach to mentoring he managed technology, creative and operational teams in a variety of industries for over 20 years. Looking to break away from the demands of the corporate world, he reconnected with his creative side. Todd spent airport and travel time sketching while on the road, capturing the moments of the places and people he observed. During this time, he expanded his creative repertoire, teaching himself to paint in watercolor. Immersing himself in the study of watercolor, he quickly realized that watercolor was not for one to control as in other mediums. You’re never in complete control with watercolor. Giving in to the unconstrained nature of this medium is what he has come to love the most. His paintings are done mostly en plein air, conveying visual stories of the places and people he observes. Now living in Nashville, TN with his wife Jodi, Todd continues to pursue a creative life. With over 25 years creating products and services indoors, he is now consumed with taking that same process to the great outdoors. Inspired by his new surroundings, Todd approaches each day with a focused resolve to continue to learn, study his influences and grow as an artist.

To see more of his work check out his website: toddsaal.com

Alyx White

Alyx White

December 2019

Alyx White is a comic artist and illustrator residing north of Atlanta, GA. She is a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, where she studied sequential art and art history. She writes and draws comics about magic plants, fantasy adventures, and fire sprites. Alyx is currently working on a graphic novel called “Reliquest”, which follows a druid archaeologist and her young apprentice on their magical adventures. It will be published by Arledge Comics. When she isn’t drawing and plotting stories with cool lore, Alyx likes reading murder mysteries, watching baking shows, and attempting to cosplay.

To find more of Alyx’s work check out the following:
Instagram @alyxdrawsthings
Twitter @alyxdrawsthings

Erin McManness

Erin McManness

November 2019

Erin McManness is an illustrator working in Atlanta, Georgia. Erin has been freelancing full-time for 5 years under her brand Paper Raven Co., which started as a small greeting card line, and now includes licensing for an assortment of cards, gifts, fabrics and home decor. Erin has a heart within her business for the environment, and prints all of her cards in the US on 100% recycled paper; and donates $1 from every sale to her reforestation partner, One Tree Planted. Erin has also collaborated on projects with companies like Macy's, Target, Trader Joe’s, Publix and Aldi. In October, she released her second book, "Art Starts in the Heart", an inspirational guide to making meaningful art. When she's not designing, Erin loves true crime novels, cooking, and long hikes with her boyfriend Daniel, and her dog Patty.

To see more of Erin’s work check out the following:

Instagram @paperraven.co

Andy Chiang

Andy Chaing

October 2019

Andy Chiang is an illustrator from Taiwan. He recently graduated with an MFA in Illustration from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Before he came to study illustration, he went to college for Veterinary Medicine at National Taiwan University and worked as a veterinarian after graduation for three years. After a while, he began to take some basic drawing classes in his spare time and the sleeping artistic spirit was awakened gradually. It took him a while to finally stepped out of his comfort zone and studied illustration abroad. While Andy was at school, he tried very hard to catch up on every class, went to as many workshops as he can to practice his skills. He also liked to go out and sketch. He thought sketching was not only a good way to keep practicing drawing skills, but also an excellent chance to observe the world and document it through his own way. Besides sketching, the main focus of Andy’s illustration is editorial illustration for publications like magazines, newspapers or books. His illustration is mostly about current topics around the world such as environmental protection, biodiversity and social justice.
As a freshman in this illustration world, he knows that practicing and developing skills, gaining working experience and learning from other illustrators like Davide Bonazzi, Shaun Tan, Tomer Hanuka, etc. are the key ingredients to success. The future goals of Andy Chiang’s illustration career are working as a freelancer for publications and eventually publishing his own illustration book.

Instagram: @andy1878art


Adriana Garcia

Adriana Garcia

September 2019

FairymadeArt (Adriana Garcia) is a native angeleno born and raised in the beach side city of Santa Monica. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration, and Communication Design from Otis College of Art and Design and later attended Loyola Marymount University and got a Masters Degree in Clinical Art Therapy. She is an illustrator, painter and sculptor, specializing in watercolor botanical images and portraits of ethereal maidens. Adriana has been creating art in various media from oil paints to watercolors, mixed media and sculpture. Her watercolor work is colorful and vibrant and focuses on mood and emotions. Her beautiful characters are able to find a sense of belonging in a fantastical universe surrounded by flora, fauna and imagination. FairymadeArt takes the viewer into that same mind space of wonder and possibility that her characters emotions portray. Her botanical art of succulents and flowers are rapidly gaining popularity on her social media. Her style is loose and tight with color washes that capture the beautiful texture of nature and light. When not working on major projects, her favorite subjects are magical mermaids, fairies and succulents with colorful environments and oceanic themed art. She currently paints from Santa Monica, CA in her home studio shared with a feline and caique parrot assistants.

instagram @fairymadeart

Erin Ewer

Erin Ewer

August 2019

Erin Ewer is an Author and Illustrator currently located in West Virginia. Originally hailing from Colorado, she graduated with a BFA from the Rocky Mountian College of Art + Design for Illustration in 2008. She has always had a love for everything creative and enjoys learning new ways to shape and build her own world. This passion has most recently evolved into storytelling, and the combination of imagery and prose has created a synergy that allows her to bounce motivation off of one passion to the next. With watercolors being her preferred media her focus centers primarily on nature and fantasy themes. She is heavily influenced by the natural world and desires to push the boundaries of what is, to what could be. In her personal work she strives to breathe life into the worlds she creates in her own imagination, and likewise as an illustrator, to help others achieve the same for their own visions. "It was never really a question to me about whether or not I would create, it was only ever a matter of what it was going to be."


Janice Rago

Janice Rago

July 2019

Janice Rago was born in Hawaii and grew up moving around the world. Her young life was molded from cultures in the South Pacific, Europe and South Georgia. With that background her style has developed into a diverse and eclectic collection of figures and styles. She focuses on feminine beauty while exploring new mediums and techniques to bring her work to life. She has a BFA in Studio Art from Valdosta State University and is currently residing in Atlanta, GA as a painter and mural artist.

Instagram @janiceragoart



June 2019

We met Gris while in Frankfurt, Germany attending CreativeWorld. Immediately we were drawn to his live watercolor demonstrations. Gris paints and draws so he can think. While other artists eventually went to school, Gris kept on painting. He now has over 3 decades of experience. He sketches daily whether it be traveling on the train or demonstrating new art supplies at a trade show. His projects of choice involve watercolors, contemporary acrylic, mixed media works and large-scale murals. Gris was kind enough to make us two pieces of art this month to demonstrate the materials.

Check out more of his work at the following locations
Instagram @gris030.de


Mike Moreno

May 2019

Mike Moreno is a creative junkie based out of Reno, Nevada. He geeks out on letters and design. With a degree in graphic communications, and 6 years experience in the design profession, Mike has found himself with a niche focus on custom lettering. He pairs his expertise in lettering with helping brands develop their identity, strategy, and UX/UI. Some of his favorite tools to create with are Tombow Fudenosuke and Pentel brush pens, Sharpies, Posca Markers, Apple Pencil using Procreate and Rough Animator on the IPad Pro, 1shot sign painters paint, acrylics, and of course the most powerful tool of them all, a pencil. Mike has been creating everyday and sharing most of his daily creations since March 2017. With consistent practice he has found himself with the opportunity to teach others what he knows. He teaches several lettering workshops around Reno, and is currently developing some classes online through Skillshare. Mike is extremely grateful for the awesome community he surrounded by, and is thankful to be a part of this growing community of creators. He loves to connect and help out others as they pursue their journey with lettering, so be sure to connect with him on these social platforms and tag him in your lettering creations on instagram!

Instagram: @mikemodesigns


Tracy Burke

April 2019

We discovered Tracy’s art at our local watering hole and knew she’d be perfect for a box that focused on acrylics.

Tracy Burke was born in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1971 and currently resides and works in Marietta, Georgia. She received a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Central Florida in 1995. Tracy explores color and pattern in her large abstracts, and demonstrates presence and confrontation in her stylized figurative work. Her art is collected throughout the United States and Canada.

Check out more of her art on her website


E. Lee. Smith

March 2019

You’ve already seen a lot of Erin’s art, she’s our videographer and the one responsible for our SketchBox School videos! We wanted to feature her art this month so you can follow along with SketchBox school to create along with the artist who created it!

Erin is a filmmaker living in NYC who uses art-making as a means to clarify ideas and also as a therapeutic practice. She is the voice and hands behind the SketchBox School videos and hopes to show that art-making isn’t just for professionals but for everyone. Her film work centers on ideas surrounding psychology, location, desolation and transcendence. She often sketches her shots before she films and has found that drawing enters all aspects of her life.

Check out more of her work on Vimeo


Shelly Denning

February 2019

Besides Bob Ross and other painters demonstrating their skills on PBS, I am a mostly self-taught artist. I spent years shunning art as a career - probably more out of fear of failure than anything - spending my time working as a bartender, a karaoke host and a special effects makeup artist, to name a few. In 2016, after seven frustrating years in the film industry, I finally turned back to my first love: art. With the support of my family, I have been able to dedicate myself completely to building my business. I still dabble in special effects and beauty makeup from time to time, but I love nothing more than being in my studio with some music and a scented candle, drawing or painting my next commission. I hope to move away from commissioned work over the next few years and focus on creating more thought- provoking series of work.

Check out a 13 minute video of her whole process to create the piece with instructions!

Shelly's art is available on the following platforms:
Instagram @shellydenning


Sheila Darcey

January 2019

Sheila Darcey @ Sketch Poetic is a Venice based artist. The purpose of her work is to elevate art as a tool for emotional expression, self reflection, and healing. She wants people to connect with the process as much as the outcome, to create without overthinking, to create without fear, to create without expectations, and to create because its fun. It’s about being in a safe place to quiet the mind and spark the child-like curiosity we sometimes lose in our busy lives.
Her abstract images are born from a daily practice of sketching and tapping into the unconscious mind. While each sketch varies in style and technique, all share a common thread of expressed emotion. Like a visual Rorschach, each image may be interpreted from a viewer's perspective. Part of its beauty is how it is seen and consumed by others.

Instagram @sketchpoetic


Aliya Smith

December 2018

Aliya Smith is an Atlanta-based illustrator. She started drawing as soon as she was able to hold a pencil and hasn't stopped since. She studied fine art through high school and college, but quickly thereafter developed her pop-surrealist style. Aliya's interests outside of the arts have all found their way into her work; from botany and entomology to sexuality to the less discussed side effects of mental illness. Her work explores femininity in relation to these subjects as a way to soften and destigmatize them for femme folk, including herself. Some pieces represent problems while others, mirrored, are meant to portray treatments. And like any artist, occasionally Aliya's work is purely for aesthetic with no (intentional) message or symbolism.

You can see her work on Instagram: @aliyailsa

Natasha Price

Natasha Price

November 2018

I am Oakland based artist who grew up in various cities in California. My father draws in a Heavy Metal Magazine Style, and my mother is an architect who loves to paint scenes from her garden. As I got older anime and manga really interested me and influenced me, they are detailed, imaginative, and technically amazing. My dad has a huge Heavy Metal Magazine collection and I would copy many cyberpunk-esque imagery from them. As I got older I became drawn to acrylics, watercolor, and digital art. For the past 5 years I have done Graphic Design and Production Art for a living. I am studying user experience design & user interface design for web and mobile. Art is like a dream, it is something and often isn’t. It represents layers of meaning to be interpreted by each viewer. I used to make hyper detailed abstract art that people would interpret different unintended images within. I like that art can come so easily from the subconscious, an experience can influence your next piece/dream. When you create you put a piece of yourself out into the world, and those visual creations influence how we look back into reality.

Check out more of Natasha's work at her website

Angie Jerez

Angie Jerez

October 2018

I'm from Bogotá, Colombia, I moved to Atlanta 6 years ago, and since then I've been transitioning from design to illustration and painting using mixed media. I fell in love with the amount of art exposure that the city has. I create drawings with detailed linework. I draw everyday objects and random abstract subjects surrounded by organic shapes. Sometimes there's no deep concept behind it, sometimes they reflect memories and random silly ideas.

Instagram: @_angiejerez


Sanithna Phansavanh

September 2018

I am an artist working and living in Atlanta, Georgia, with a focus on examining the human condition. My work, ranging from small, intimate drawings to large-scale, public murals, has been exhibited nationally and internationally, with notable showings at the High Museum of Art, on the Atlanta BeltLine, and with Living Walls. If this were a dating profile, you’d find out that I’m a Scorpio, that I like long walks on the beach, and that I really love watermelon (like, a lot). p.s. I’m actually a guy and my name is pronounced “suh-neat-nuh pon-suh-von.” :)

Instagram @sanithna


Erin Henry

August 2018

Erin Henry is a Contemporary artist based in Atlanta, where she began working in the arts at an early age. After leaving art school, her cutting edge paintings made a loud arrival into the art world since they began regularly showing at Marietta's dk Gallery. Her unique style and curious subject matter have captured the attention of art lovers and collectors across the globe. Erin currently works full-time as an artist and model in the US. You can find her work being currently exhibited in multiple galleries from Atlanta to New York. Most of my inspiration to create comes from nature, the human figure, and a sense of ambiguity. By composing a narrative in an expressive and slightly surrealistic way, the goal of my art is to not only bring a unique beauty to seemingly insignificant things, but to give a physical exhibition of my daily observations on objects, behaviors, interactions, and other abstract moments.

my website is www.erin-henry.com
Instagram: @soil.mate


Dareth Youd

July 2018

My name is Dareth Youd I'm from Grimshaw Alberta Canada. I have always enjoyed being creative, wether it be crafting, costume making, painting or even writing. My favourite way of artistic expression is through colored pencil and panpastel portraiture. I would describe my work as realism with a touch of fantasy and whimsy. I love drawing animals and bringing out their true characters. I've now moved on to creating portraits of people and hope to continue my journey of improvement on this subject.

You can find more of my work on the following platforms

Instagram: @feral1studio
Facebook: facebook.com/Feral1studio


Hannah Spiegleman

June 2018

Hello! My name is Hannah. I’m an illustrator currently based in Memphis, Tennessee. I’m not very good at talking about myself, but I can give it a go. My parents read to me a lot as a kid, and my earliest source of art inspiration was Beatrix Potter’s illustrations. I remember getting my first set of pan watercolors and trying to copy her drawings from my storybooks. My art is still heavily inspired by children’s book illustrations, as well as a childhood spend in the towns of Wetherby and Harrogate in England. I work mainly in gouache and I love to paint animals in silly and whimsical situations. Someday soon, I hope to illustrate my own children’s book—just as soon as I’ve actually finished writing it.I love rabbits, sewing, Victor Hugo, the Victorian era, and 1970s progressive rock.

You can find me and my art at the following places:
Instagram: @hannahspiegleman


Anna K Bjørdal

May 2018

I’m Anna K Bjørdal, a freelance artist and co-owner of the charming, little illustration shop Myte Illustrations in Bergen, Norway. I’m a dog mother, a proud Ravenclaw and a huge nerd about everything that has to do with space, dinosaurs and folklore. I try to experiment with different mediums, but my go-to is watercolour and ink. I’ve recently started a YouTube channel where I do speed paints, art supply reviews and tips and tricks for artists. My platforms are: Instagram: AKB_Illustrations Storenvy: AKB Illustrations


La'Roy Bodiford

April 2018

At 3 years old, my older brother put a pencil in my hand. He didn't let me put that pencil down until I was able to draw a straight line. My love of art began with that moment. At 4 years old my artwork was featured on a local television show featuring local artists. As time went on, I continued to nurture my craft. I drew pictures and portraits for friends and family. I designed programs for school functions and shirts for clubs, groups, and other school organizations. I served 4 years in the Marine Corps. After the Marines, I spent several years focusing on my career as a Jazz saxophonist. During this time, I unfortunately didn't draw for about 10 years. I eventually came across a drawing by Linda Huber and became inspired by her and interested in hyperrealism. I now work on commission doing hyper-realistic portraits. I have sent several of my commissioned pieces all over the U.S. and internationally. I enjoy several different mediums, but my focus is graphite and charcoal.

You can find more of my work on:
Instagram: instagram.com/bodifordjazz
Facebook: facebook.com/laroybodiford
Etsy: etsy.com/shop/LdBArtworks



March 2018

My name is Malisa Suchanya and I am a San Francisco based Illustrator and art educator. I was born and raised in Singapore and have been creating art since I was 12. My work focuses on trying to be a reflection of the world, capturing moments that are often times overlooked. Tying in personal experiences, reflections of my environment and adding a touch of whimsy, my works tend to balance on the tightrope of what is real and what is imagined. I have a strong attraction to any kind of organic subjects, from flora and fauna, to animals and the human body. I love using art as a platform in which to have different elements interacting together, creating dialogues of love and death, man and nature, peace and conflict. This obsession with beauty and organic subjects has stemmed from my first introduction to Art nouveau and falling madly in love with that aesthetic. I have since tried to find my own voice as an artist while continually finding inspirations from masters and peers alike.

Using mainly watercolors, gouache and graphite as my mediums, I remain a lover for traditional art in a technological age.

You can find me at:

Grey Grimm

Grey Grimm

February 2018

Based in Boulder, Colorado, I’ve been an avid art enthusiast since I could hold a pencil. My first major breakthrough came with acrylic paints when I was 18, looking for inspiration in the familiar world of classic film. Following that body of work, I enrolled in school and began studying Evolutionary Biology; which, over time, began translating into my art practice. While I eventually changed majors and graduated with a dual major in Art History and Studio Art from the University of Colorado at Boulder, the environmental and biological exposure of my past studies continued to influence my work. For this project, with the very blendable, softer materials provided, it seemed fitting to work with the natural world once more. Each plant is a representation of seedlings which are meant to grow (some with the help of greenhouses) in the northern hemisphere during the month of January. An ode to my past studies, as well as a reminder to protect our planet and be mindful of what is in season naturallyrevisiting the ways of the past in order to preserve our future. At 27, I have enjoyed many different mediums, and currently work as a freelance illustrator and photographer, as well as on commission for sign-making and oil paintings.

You can find more of my work at:


Alex Dakos

January 2018

I was born in San Jose California May 10th, 1977 and raised a little outside of Los Angeles in a town called Whittier. I am a self taught artist who started drawing in the carpet at age 3, by age 5 was able to draw many Disney characters and detailed animals. By age 15 got involved in graffiti art, which has had some effect in my style today. Mediums I like to use range from ink illustration, acrylic paintings, graphite drawings, impressionist oil paintings and wooden structure art. My genre of art tends to be surrealism and fantasy, but I like to also create experimental works of art. I generally try to incorporate human interaction with animals and insects with a deeper concept behind the piece. Most of my work has come to me through visions that I write down. I currently have over 100 more visions to share with the world. Rich or poor, I know I'll be doing art until the day I die.

Instagram: @alexdakos


Nat Suarez

December 2017

Hello there! My name is Nat Suarez and I have a love for bold colors, patterns and people. In my work, I enjoy the playfulness of watercolors, and often mix them with marker, ink, and digital media. I love learning and trying out new materials and techniques. I am originally from the colorful and tropical country of El Salvador, and currently live in Richmond, VA with my husband.

You can find me at:
instagram.com/natsuarezillu www.natsuarez.com facebook.com/NatSuarezIllu


Nicole Aline Legault

November 2017

I spent my childhood by the Atlantic Ocean, and was raised by the knowledgeable instruction of my father, a marine biologist, and my mother, a teacher – both with strong environmental consciences. Their interests fostered in me a sense of wonder and humble appreciation of our oceans. I was led to draw whales well over a decade ago, having had dreams of them without ever having seen one. Their vastness is not unlike that of the ocean itself. I have always felt they inform my work more so than are the subject of my work - as they are instinctively incorporated into so much of what I create. If everyone considered the ocean this way - as an informant to our lives, rather than the subject of our exploits - we would appreciate and respect her and ourselves so much more.

Nicole Aline Legault graduated from NSCAD University in 2006. Based in Montreal since 2007, Nicole has worked as a freelance illustrator and artist in print, film, and music.

To see more of Nicole’s work check out the following:



Nedko Chulev

October 2017

Greetings! The name's Nedko Chulev or Ned. The origin - the northern planes of Bulgaria although I am currently located in the capital of Bavaria - Munich. I always remind myself that through the mindless rush of our daily routines we tend to forget the little things in life that make our already limited time on Earth that much more enjoyable. Such is the philosophy of the images that flow out of my pens - escaping reality and creating an imaginary world full of little details that will take the beholder on a journey. My inspiration stems from video games and cartoons whose purpose to me is just that - a way to sneak out of the physical world and discover countless imaginary worlds. My favorite medium next to digital is black ink with its vivid contrast on the plain white paper and the gracious dance of the pen nib. My initial approach to art - trying to realistically depict what I see in front of me, made drawing feel like a chore. Then I realized that I needed to stop trying to recreate and start to create. And that's what I do now - instead of looking for creative sparks around me, I harness the power of my intrinsic artistic flame. My hope is to one day make people feel immersed in an imaginary world with a wide smile on their face for hours on end.
I am to be found on a multitude of channels, but my favorite ones are:
Instagram: @ned.doodle
Facebook: facebook.com/NedkoChulev


Valerie Cossette

September 2017

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Valérie. I’m an illustrator and an art teacher based in Montreal, Quebec and I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. In my youth, American Cartoons were my first source of inspiration. Afterwards, I became interested in Manga, which then became a passion and inspired me to create my own characters and stories. In my teens, drawing was the reason I would wake up, as each new day was a new opportunity to draw. I took many art classes to improve my sketches, but around age 20, I encountered many challenges in my personal life, which made me focus on bettering myself. At the age of 24, art became something more to me: it became a form of therapy. Later, I took a course in order to teach creative journal classes. As such, my work became more intuitive and fluid, as well as becoming a spiritual way to express myself. Today, at 31 years old, I’m confident in my skills and I can make a living out of my passion. For the past year, I’ve been doing contract-work and art teaching. It’s a pleasure to share my passion! My next goal is to create my own art collection. The subjects I like to explore the most are people, spirituality and nature. Finally, I love to draw with all kinds of supplies, but my speciality is working with markers and coloured pencils.

To see more of my art follow me on Instagram : valerie.cossette.art


Adolfo Hernandez

August 2017

Hola! My name is Adolfo Hernandez born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and now currently living in Oakland, California. I have always loved to draw since I was a kid. I am a self-taught artist learning from comics, art books, and favorite artist and trying different types of media. But my favorite media to use are markers with color pencils and charcoal. I am always trying to learn and improve my artwork everyday. Currently I am in art school at Cal State East Bay. But you can find me at Delta Art and Tattoo in Pittsburg, California where I am in my second year of apprenticing and now taking new clients to design my own artwork and putting it on skin. I love where my art career is taking me and hope to continue my adventures!!!

Check out my work on instagram: @hernandez_art_and_tattoo


Carlijn Sturm

July 2017

'Your child isn't creative enough.' That's what my primary school teacher told my parents when I was about 11 years old. If only she could look inside my head and see all the ideas I had buzzing around, but being unable to transfer them to paper. This frustated me and resulted in me disliking anything that had to do with art or being creative. It wasn't untill I followed (obligatory) art classes in highschool that I realised I wasn't quite as incapable as I thought. During those lessons I gained more confidence and at the end continued drawing even after I passed the last assignment with a 10 out of 10 score. Soon I started sharing my work on instagram and was amazed by all the positive reactions on my work. Seeing incredible artists on instagram inspired me to invest more time in art and try all kind of styles. Three years later and here I am, a 19-year old Dutch girl studying medicine while also keeping up with drawing in her spare time. I have progressed more than I ever could have imagined and I still learn new things whenever I draw, paint or sculpture. In my opinion practice, patience and positive feedback are key elements to reach whatever you want.
Check out my work on instagram: @carlijnartgallery



June 2017

Hi! My name is Frances and I’m a self-taught artist living in Toronto. My love of art started as kid. I was always mesmerized by cartoons/anime and I would obsessively draw my favourite characters! Today, I find inspiration by observing people and the beauty of nature. You’ll usually find me drawing people at coffee shops or practicing my watercolours in my sketchbook. I’m always trying to improve my art and it’s easy to succumb to self-doubt. But, what keeps me motivated is the emotional connection I feel to other artists through their work. I hope that people will feel connected to the art I make!

To see more of Frances’ work:
instagram: @sennwaa
tumblr: sennwaa.tumblr.com
deviantart: awwFrances.deviantart.com

Jill Tuttle

Jill Tuttle

May 2017

Life can be busy and complicated. My artwork celebrates the intricate, beautiful, and precious moments in life; when you slow down to enjoy each moment. I am originally from Nova Scotia and now live in Alberta, working as a High School Creative Arts teacher; my dream job. My goal as an educator is to instill a passion in my students to live creative lives. I model this lifestyle through my own artwork, photography and Bollywood dance! I am best known for my detailed drawings and paintings on wood panels. I use subject matter such ornate Victorian furniture, combined with images pulled from nature such as butterflies, birds, flowers and foliage. I usually combine my slow and deliberate cross-hatching pen marks with the addition of colorful watercolor or acrylic paint. I am so excited about the direction my recent work has taken, and look forward everyday to my next artistic endeavor!

For more of Jill’s work check out:

Tania Nunez

Tania Nunez

April 2017

I'm an artist & textile surface designer based in NYC. Most of my work is inspired by nature, animals & repetitive patterns, my goal is to share and inspire others to have a connection with animals and nature through the artwork I create. I teach art workshops in NYC, I love trying out new mediums and sketchbox gave me a perfect opportunity with their Cretacolor leads!

You can find out more about my artwork at:

Some of the places her work has been featured at: Idlewild Magazine, Astoria Art Festival, Queens Museum of Art, San Colorea’s NYC Inbox 12 Postcard Project, Brooklyn Collective Shop, Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn, Think Coffee, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Manhattan Graphics Center.

Joanne Barby

Victoria Wilson

March 2017

I was born in the countryside of Kentucky. My wife is in the military, and we have been stationed all over the world with our two amazing sons. Our travels, life experiences and tribulations have influenced my artwork and shaped it to what it has become today. My mother raised me as more of a contemporary/realist, which taught me many effective skills that have been blended and tweaked to become more of the surreal/fantasy style with the gothic twist you see today. I prefer working with ink, watercolor, markers and acrylic for my enduring works. I never leave home without my sketchbook and always take the time to put my ideas on paper when an idea strikes.

More of my work can be seen at: Instagram: @art.of.toriewilson Facebook: www.facebook.com/artoftoriewilson Etsy: www.artbytoriewilson.etsy.com

Joanne Barby

Joanne Barby

February 2017

I’m an artist who lives in a small town on the NSW South Coast of Australia. I have always loved art, especially the process of making art. As an artist I find inspiration, in that we get to “see” things that may go unnoticed, if not explored so closely through an artwork. My medium of choice is PanPastel, as it allows me to loosely block in, thin layers of what I “see” in colour, with no detailed drawing first. The ease of application and the ability to erase any mistakes, takes any pressure off whilst using this medium. I teach workshops all over Australia and the US in PanPastel and love sharing creativity with other likeminded people.

For more of my work please check out the following:

Rose Ingracia

Rose Ingracia

January 2017

Hello, my name is Rose, and I am a self taught artist from the beautiful state of Nebraska. I have loved the arts ever since I could hold a pencil. However, seeking inspiration from other artists and being able to connect is really what pushed me to take art more seriously. My favorite medium to work with is watercolor, because the light pigment creates an elegant look that I really love. I love to create my pieces with a meaning behind them, so each one of my works gives a little insight into my life. I am very happy to have started my very own small business and I look forward to continued growth. As I continue developing my skills as an artist, my one hope is to inspire others, just as they have inspired me. As an artist my favorite quote is by Edgar Degas, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Check out more on my Instagram, @justyourordinaryartist, and my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/StrokesbyRose

Hannah Hill

Hannah Hill

December 2016

Hannah dislikes writing about herself so here are a few facts …
She is a self-taught, natural artist.
She grew up drawing Brian Froud and Cicely Mary Barker faeries.
Her favorite art style is Art Nouveau.
She has never worked with oil paints.
Watercolors are her preferred medium.
Her favorite color combination to use is green, purple, and pink.
She has never completely filled an entire sketchbook.
Her work is in private collections all around the world.
She is mostly likely to draw a faerie or mermaid.
Typically she works in miniature art.
Her favorite place to draw is in bed.
She has a degree in Geology – not art.
Has recently been experimenting with new mediums - thanks to Sketchbox!

Check her out on:
Instagram: @shannahhill
Deviant art: artbyhannah.deviantart.com
Etsy shop: artbyhannah

Sarah Jayne Reed

Sarah Jayne Reed

November 2016

Hi! I’m an artist and art educator residing in Central Ohio. I hold a Master of Art with a Minor in Art History, though when it comes to much of my art, including colored pencil, I’m self-taught. Growing up with creative parents, I was drawing from the time I could hold a pencil. These days, the juggling process of having a full time career and attempting to pursue my art can be a struggle, but I try to make time each day to create. I am fascinated with color theory and am drawn to colored pencil and oil paints because of their layering capability, allowing colors to interact. I often choose subject matter that is visually appealing or meaningful to me. Family members, Boston Terriers, mythical creatures, crystals, and nature elements are often cornerstones in my artwork. I like my work to have a happy, fond, or nostalgic tone.

Check out more of Sarah's art at the links below:

Instagram: @oppositeofordinarystudios


Fatma Sahem

October 2016

My name is Fatma and I’m a graphic designer and an artist from beautiful sunny Dubai. When I’m not doing my job as a graphic designer, you will find me in a coffee shop or corner somewhere sketching and drawing in my sketchbook. I’ve always had a great love for art and drawing. I recently started making youtube videos of my drawings and paintings, since they are my favourite type of videos to watch. I also have an online shop where I sell most of my artworks please do check it out!

Check out more of my work on these platforms

Instagram: @tomoko_x
Youtube: youtube.com/fatmasahem
Tumblr: fatmasahem.tumblr.com
Store: fatmasahem.storenvy.com
Website: fatmasahem.com


Caitlin Stevens

September 2016

Hello! I am an Illustrator/Artist located in the beautiful city of San Francisco California. Originally from Cortland, New York, I moved here to attend school at California College of the Arts, where I gained experiences, lessons, and friends that have helped me to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a professional artist. I am currently showing work in the City Arts Gallery in San Francisco, as well as working on illustrations for various companies. Creating and making art has always been my biggest passion, and I worked hard enough so I am able to do it as a living! Now, I wake up every morning to a job that I love. Don't give up!

Check out more of my work at: caitlinstevens.com or by following me on instagram @caitstevens22.


Roger LaDouceur

August 2016

I was fortunate to have great art teachers growing up in MA. They taught me a wide array of styles and forms of media. It is because of their teachings that I was selected into the Illustrator/Draftsman rate in the US Navy. After completing my service I turned my artistic passion toward tattooing. I served a three year apprenticeship and worked in several studios up and down the east coast. In 2006 I opened Star City Tattoos in Roanoke, VA. I paint in oil, acrylic, pastels, but enjoy colored pencil the most. Using multiple forms of media has nurtured my need for artistic growth. Every day that I am able to open my eyes is an opportunity to push a little harder into the areas of art that I have yet to uncover. I am thankful for the little box of joy that shows up on my doorstep at the beginning of each month. I know that I will be off on another artistic adventure as soon as my SketchBox arrives. Thank you SketchBox!

website: www.starcitytattoo.com
Instagram: @roger4202
Facebook: tat2roger & starcitytattoos



July 2016

I am a 22 year-old artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. Art has always been a passion for me since I was a child, and I've never for minute second-guessed my dedication to drawing and painting. After the military I went on to become an animation student, and I feel like I'm really following my dreams, which has always been important to me! When I'm not spending time on homework I am sketching monsters and creatures from my dreams and imagination. My favorite medium would have to be ink, because it can be intensely bold and makes colors jump off the page. A close second is watercolor because it was easy for me to learn and I love how beautifully the paint can flow onto paper. The one piece of advice that has stuck with me and always comes back is something my art teacher told me before I graduated high school and that was "Be the sponge. Soak up as much knowledge and inspiration as you can and always be a curious artist." I love that.
Instagram @cryptiicink

Nikki Laxar

Angela Fife

June 2016

My ultimate desire in my painting is to express my struggles, emotions, frustrations and joys through images. I use my own life as a study and a place to draw from. Meeting or rejecting expectations of those around me, finding that perfect balance that alludes me, living a happy and fulfilling life. These are some of my emotional subjects. I paint the objects that surround me. My paintings are my thoughts, my insecurities and my day-to-day routines. Painting is personal to me. I see paint as a tangible tool to record my reactions to the world. I am a woman, I am a mother, I am a painter. One does not exist without the other, they are intertwined, and they compliment each other. “Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings.” –George Tooker

Check out more of Angela's art on her website or instagram.

Instagram: @angela.fife.art

Nikki Laxar


May 2016

My name is Josie and I'm a young artist and product design student from the beautiful capital of Germany. I love drawing since I was able to hold a pen and creating what comes to mind, rather than following just one art style. Drawing is kind of a therapy for me to overcome daily life and connect with other people. Art is what keeps me motivated - As Pablo Picasso once said: "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off your soul" Check out more of her art on her Instagram: @Josilix or facebook.com/josilix/

Nikki Laxar

Nikki Laxar

April 2016

Hi! I'm Nikki Laxar. I was born and raised in the beautiful, eclectic state of Vermont. I've always had a fascination with the animal world and anything artistic. Most of my work involves combining the two in a very whimsical way. I'm a self-taught artist who enjoys learning new ways to bring my vision to life through every new piece. I primarily enjoy working with watercolor and ink. I really love the process of bleeding color onto paper and letting it trail off with just a little guidance. Layering ink on top of the paint allows me to really express my vision and stitch more detail into the overall piece, letting the paint strokes guide my pen. Aside from my watercolor illustrations, I enjoy working with my clients to create realistic pet portraits, logo designs and tattoos. I'm into anything earthy, natural fibers and texture, thrift stores, repurposed art, kitty snuggles, the moon and many things that most people find odd and creepy. Check out more of Nikki’s work at http://www.nikkilaxar.com/ on instagram: @nikki.laxar.art or her etsy page nikkilaxar.etsy.com

Cody Ruse

Cody Ruse

March 2016

Creating art that catches your eye the second you notice it and makes you wonder how so many small details being brought together can make a whole piece of work is what I do. Whether it's portraits or animals, I love the idea of being able to bring together so many aspects of drawing that seem simple and almost basic to produce images. The combination of patterns, geometric shapes, fine lines and texture is inspired by my desire to make my work as aesthetically pleasing as I possibly can. My process is like an alternate universe. The concept of time is warped as I spend, what feels like the blink of an eye but is actually, hours upon hours immersed in the details and watching the lines work together to create a final piece.

Check out more of his art on instragram @CodyRuseArt



February 2016

Hi, I'm Hosio and I like to create things. Since primary school I was always drawing something or use the things I've found around me to create things. I never knew what my dream job would be, but I always wanted it to be something connected with drawing. In my country (Poland) the word 'artist' is a rather pejorative term and associated with being poor, that's why I didn't want to be one. I've decided to study architecture instead of fine arts. Boy, was I wrong. As it turns out, I had it all backwards, so I've dropped out of my studies and concentrated on self improvement. Now I'm a freelance artist, and my ambition is to get a job in the game development industries. You can see my progress on tumblr or follow me on instagram

Julie Edwards

Julie Edwards

January 2016

My work is nothing short of a journey into the otherworldly, where even reason and common sense do not have to apply. Fairy Tales are a huge inspiration for me in their relentless wonder and inviting nature. I think it's important to not take structure too seriously. Nothing can be more dynamic and flourishing than art that holds the very pinnacle of what may be, not just what already is. Experiencing something with as much free reign as art is like a loophole in life; it should be enjoyed. I always do custom illustrations! Visit my pages to learn more: facebook , instagram , and etsy.

Andrew Rodgers

Andrew Rodgers

December 2015

Andrew Rodgers was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from the Academy of Art. He loves to draw, paint, and have as much fun as he can. He is currently working on illustrations of a few children’s books and publications. Focusing his style on shape and line, he loves to draw people and animals. Check out his work at andrewjrodgers.com or his Instagram @warchildling.
Brian Henry

Brian Henry

November 2015

I've been into art my whole life but it wasn't until I was in a nearly fatal car accident that left me with an essentially paralyzed left arm that I decided it's more important to do what makes you happy instead of what just makes you money. So I left my corporate job and went to selling my art on the streets of the very vibrant New Orleans. I paint what is considered "pop art" but I like to think of it as "subrealism" in that I don't add every detail and I change the colors up to a simple palette that I think showcases everything from love to rage in an amplified way. I like contrast... heavy contrast and striking images that are not always from the beaten path. I draw from what influences me. I've always been into offbeat movies and cult classics that aren't so mainstream. Gritty, beautifully shot film can be so inspiring to me and I like to capture the absolute height of a character in one single still shot. I like to show people something that they haven't necessarily seen before, and definitely in a different way. All I use is acrylic paint markers by Montana. No brushes for me. I like the way a paint marker feels and it works great for what I want to do. Once in a great while I will use brushes for backgrounds but even then, I sometimes prefer the markers. I take pride in making things that give people an emotional reaction, even if just for a moment, and I am happy as can be to be doing what I love now.

Brian used the materials from our premium box to create his piece. Check out more of his art on his instagram @eightangrybears and facebook.com/8angrybears, as well as his website www.eightangrybears.xyz

Curious how he accomplished such an inredibly detailed piece? Read our blog post for pictures and detailed description of how he created this month's piece.
Shannon Lane

Shannon Lane

October 2015

Shannon comes to us from St. Charles, Missouri. When we saw her art we knew we had to feature it. Despite being only 16 her attention to detail and photographic realness is nothing short of professional level. Her pieces are typically done with graphite and occasionally she’ll add color to her work to accent specific parts of her pieces. To see more of her art check out her instagram @shannonelizabethart.

Crystina Castiglione

Crystina Castiglione

September 2015

Being a visual artist is not something I fell into, it is something I do every day because I feel compelled to create. I always have. I feel that there are few things more important than what you can craft with your own two hands. I am heavily inspired by having grown up somewhat simultaneously in coastal Massachusetts towns as well as the Gulf and east coast of Florida. My interest in coastal life and the ocean frequently appears in my work, as does my love of Italian heritage, road trips and patterns. My work is a combination of watercolor and ink illustrations that sometimes use hand lettering or typography. I try to delicately craft each painting, recreating the layers of colors and textures that appear within the subject matter. Follow @themessypainter on instagram and twitter to see my evolving collection of work and artistic adventures or visit www.themessypainter.com

Armando Renteria

Armando Renteria

August 2015

Armando Renteria comes to us from Whittier, California where he creates incredible painted works typically done with acrylic or oil. His talents are diverse and developed at a professional level, and he often lends his talents to his community in the form of murals. When he submitted his portrait work to us, we knew immediately we absolutely had to feature his art. If you’d like to see more of his work or talk to him about commissioning a piece check out his website at ArmandoArtist.com and follow him on instagram @armandoartist.

Adele Flammand

Adele Flammand

July 2015

Adele Flamand is from New Milford, Connecticut. She used the black and white pastels from the basic box to create this stunningly photorealistic piece. When Adele contacted us to be a featured artist we were blown away with her talent and we're so thankful for the time she spent on this piece for us. To see more of her incredible work head over to her instagram account @uhdele.


Antonio Sanchez

June 2015

This month our featured artist is Antonio Sanchez age 16 from San Jose, California. We came across his art through our last featured Artist Rebecca E.L. Wyke - it's one of her students! He's shown a tremendous achievement in his classes and we wanted to provide some exposure to his art. Rich with symbolism his piece shows true artistic vision. We can't wait to see where his art takes him in the future.

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Rebecca E.L. Wyke

May 2015

Rebecca E. L. Wyke is from San Francisco, California. Rebecca is an illustrator, painter and teacher in San Jose. Every day she empowers her students to express themselves. She used the materials in this month's box to create an amazing surreal piece for SketchBox. We're so thankful for the talent that she shared with us. We hope her piece can inspire you to have as much fun as possible with your box. Check out her art at rebeccaelwyke.com

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Morgan Ashley

April 2015

Morgan used materials from our basic box to create a unique piece for SketchBox. Armed with Tombow water color markers, a brush, and some Sakura Micron pens she created this amazingly detailed Day of the Dead skull. We're super thankful she shared her amazing talents with us this month, and hope she can inspire you to create something unique with your box..

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