October 2019 Premium Box

Theme:Ink Illustration!

this picture was taken by our super talented subscriber @tehshadowdargon on instagram!

So what came in the box?!

Kuretake Zig Black ink 60[STAFF FAVORITE]

Retail Value: $6.95
We love this ink’s ability to dry quickly and become waterproof. It plays well with markers, other inks, and can be diluted with water to create beautiful grey washes.

Winsor & Newton White Drawing Ink

Retail Value: $5.49 each
This pigment based ink is great for going over dark areas to create highlights or bright white strokes. It’s a little transparent and allows the flexibility of brightening certain spots to the exact shade you want.

Kuretake Zig Cambio - Indigo [FIRST LOOK]

Retail Value: $9.80
We love these brush pens. Unlike other brush pens that are fed via squeezing the barrel to get the ink to the tip, this one regulates the flow of ink to make sure you get the perfect amount of ink without overflow dripping. This color is brand new to the USA and is appearing first in SketchBox before it hits stores!

Copic Drawing Pen

Retail Value: $5.95
These fountain pens allow for a variety of line thickness depending on pressure and angle. They’re great for line drawing and hatching.

Kuretake Zig Clean Color Dot Pen [NEW]

Retail Value: $3.40
Dual tip marker with a 0.5mm fine tip on one end and a flexible dot tip on the other. Dots of various sizes can be drawn by adjusting the pressure applied to the pen tip. It’s great for adding shadows, stippling techniques or a pointillism approach.

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencil - 12B

Retail Value: $2.20
We also included a carbon rich dark pencil to sketch out your piece before laying down the ink.

Marabu Graphix Black 4 Set

Retail Value: $6.99
For set line widths and black brush strokes we included this set from Marabu which includes one each of 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm, and brush tip pens. It’s great for adding illustrative elements, details, and finishing touches to your art this month.

Silver Brush - Silver Silk 88 flat shader size 4

Retail Value: $6.55
Finally we included a flat shader brush from Silver Brush in a small size to use with the included ink from Zig and Winsor & Newton. The shape of the brush head allows for tons of flexibility in stroke thickness and is great for creating bold strokes, line work, calligraphy, and so much more.

Total retail value of this box: $47.33

Cost of our Premium Box: $35

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