December 2020 Premium Box

Theme: Watercolor Media!

So what came in the box?!

SketchBox Signature Watercolor Pencils -

Retail Value: $11.99 [EXCLUSIVE]
With easy to lift pigments and perfect water solubility, these pencils allow you to truly achieve watercolor effects easily.

2x Marabu Art Crayon - caramel, teracotta

Retail Value: $3.99 each
When used dry, this mixed media supply acts like an oil pastel, and adding water allows you to achieve smooth gradients and a variety of techniques!

TCW Watercolor Sparx Powder - olive

Retail Value: $6 [STAFF FAVORITE]
This watercolor pigment packs a punch! It's made up of multiple pigments to create the olive color, which results in prismatic effects with water. It truly has to be seen to be believed. The micro-fine powder can be used in combination with water or any of your favorite mediums for fun effects. Retail Price: $6.00

Holbien Artist Gouache – 5ml, P.White

Retail Value: $6.10
A highly pigmented, opaque paint that’s great for highlights and creating tints. This water-soluble paint mixes well with all watercolor mediums.

CUSTOM Hahnemuhle Toned watercolor pad

Retail Value: $10.00
This custom toned pad adds a new dimension to watercolor media; absorbent and with a slight texture, it’s perfect for watercolor pencils. Try thinning the white gouache and using it like Gris did!

Marabu Fluid Arts Brush - 3pc Set

Retail Value: $9.99
This refillable water brush set is great for filling in large areas, applying delicate washes, and more! Try filling the chamber with your favorite pigments.

Derwent Line Maker – 0.8, Black

Retail Value: $3.99
With a superfine point and free-flowing pigment ink, this pen is great for line work. Try layering it over your watercolors!

Total retail value of this box: $56.05

Cost of our Premium Box: $35

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