January 2020 Premium Box

Theme: Reverse Watercolor!

this picture was taken by our super talented subscriber @rebecca.rocket on instagram!

So what came in the box?!

Legion Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress - Black

Retail Value: $12.99
Black paper is not a new invention, but black 100% cotton paper for watercolors is. As soon as we tested this paper, we knew had to build a box around it. The November gouache supplies also work great with this unique paper.

M.Graham Watercolor - Titanium White

Retail Value: $14.99
Titanium white is the most opaque white watercolor available. Mix it with your other colors to add opacity and to brighten areas of the black watercolor paper.

2 x Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolor

Retail Value: $4.99 each
We included two of our favorite economical watercolor tubes from Winsor and Newton; mix them with the Titanium white to add opacity when working on the black paper.

FineTec Metallic Dark Teal - SketchBox edition

We worked with FineTec to create a brand new color formulation only available in this box! We love the way this metallic watercolor looks on the black paper, and it can be mixed with the other colors to add some shine to your finsished art.

SilverBrush Crystal 3/8"Angle Short

Retail Value: $5.10
This brush is great for layering opaque washes to lighten the dark paper. It can make thick or thin strokes depending on the angle you hold it. Multi-diameter filament heads are designed to enhace color carrying capacity and maintain a perfect shape.

Uchida Reminisce White Gel Pen

Retail Value: $1.49
Use this 1.0mm gel pen to add highlights, creative linework, or details to your reverse watercolor pieces this month.

Total retail value of this box: $52.54

Cost of our Premium Box: $35

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