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July 2018 Basic Box


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Product Description

Our July 2018 boxes focused on unique pastels. We included a CUSTOM 2 set of PanPastels done through a partnership with PanPastel. The box also included a CUSTOM set of Sofft tools art sponges. They have been specially formulated to work with the PanPastels. They hold and release just the right amount of material, and are non-abrasive for smooth, uniform results. Next up we included a light grey and a black pastel chalk pencil from General Pencil. Designed for tightly controlled pastel drawings, these pencils contain smooth, blendable pastel chalk pigments in a wide range of colors. The pigments contain no oils, so they can be blended with other media. We chose light grey and black to allow you to edge out and add controlled highlights. We also added a Koh-I-Noor Gioconda pastel pencil to allow you to compare different brands of pastel pencils and to allow you to add a different shade of sepia than the PanPastel to create depth. We also included a Cretacolor pastel pencil in ivory to allow you to add controlled highlights to your piece. Finally we included a three pack of one of our favorite erasers. The pastels in this box are fully erasable and the Prismacolor Magic Rub eraser is perfect for lifting the pastels without damaging your surface. This picture was taken by our talented subscriber @lindserita on instagram!

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