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April 2020 Premium Box


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Product Description

This month is all about hand lettering! Our April 2020 Premium box includes a 5 set of Uni Emott pens which are designed for durability and smooth lettering. We also included an extra fine-tipped Kuretake Zig Fudegocochi. We love this pen because of the versatility it provides when outlining or adding accents to your lettering. Next, we provided two Tombow ABT Dual brush pens in Alice blue and bright blue - these colors are brand new! Finally, we've included some amazing products from Karin - a company making a big splash right now in the fine-art world. This Premium box includes three Karin BrushMarker Pro in almond, copper brown, and neutral gray. We've also included blender that's great for making gradients, as well as a metallic Karin DecoBrush in red gold. Product shot by our subscriber @looklookair.

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