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Japanese Ink Basic Box


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Product Description

This month is all about Japanese ink! We worked with Kuretake Zig to create a custom solid sumi ink stick that we're super excited about. It's a solid block of ink that when ground down with the included Bokuchi Suzuri stone and water, turns to ink. This allows you to achieve any depth of color from a light gray wash to a dark black. To add a pop of color while keeping with the Japanese theme, this box includes a red acrylic ink from Speedball. To outline your art and to add detail, we included an Elegant Writer 4-set by Speedball. This set includes four black markers: two fine points (2.0 mm), one medium point (2.5 mm), and one broad point (3.0 mm). We also included a 4x6" Fluid watercolor block and a Princeton Bamboo brush (size 1). Photo by our subscriber @the.fool.draws.

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