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Watercolor Ink Premium Box


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Product Description

This month is all about watercolor ink! This Premium box features a custom 3-set of Marabu Aqua Inks, curated just for this box. The colors include sunshine yellow, quin gold, and pyrrole red. Also included is a Daniel Smith watercolor stick in genuine sodalite, and a hand-made watercolor half pan by Stoneground in Hudson bay blue. We also included an Ecoline brush marker in chartreuse. You can dip this pen into other pigments to create smooth gradients! To outline your piece we added a Staedtler Pigment Liner in dark brown (0.5mm). Finally, to put watercolor to paper, we included a custom accordion-style watercolor sketchbook by Magnani and a Silverbrush Crystal series filbert brush in a size 2.

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