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SPECIAL EDITION: Watercolor Portraiture


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Product Description

This special edition SketchBox focuses on teaching the basics of watercolor portraiture. We know portraiture can be intimidating, so we partnered with Joanna Barnum to create an educational video that's double the length of our normal videos to go into detail on how to mix and layer transparent color, pick a subject that's best suited for watercolor, sketch your subject, apply washes of color, create realistic detail, and so much more. With all of her talent at our disposal we had to pick the best watercolors and tools for this project. We included several items from one of the highest quality watercolor pigment manufacturers located here in the USA - Daniel Smith. Known the world over for its use of real earth pigments that provide a bold and consistent color, these watercolors are some of the best you can find. We also included a 3-brush set to allow you the ability to lay down your initial washes, layer colors, and create the finest of details. Since watercolor is transparent, we included some incredible watercolor pencils from Faber-Castell for both your initial sketch and to add details to your portraits. This way your pencil sketch doesn't show thru once you start adding to it since it dissolves into the piece. You can also use them to add details, and if they don't work out you can change the piece easily without having to start from scratch. This box is loaded with color (23 of them to be specific!) and if desired, could be used for a LOT more than portraiture. With watercolor, the surface is incredibly influential on the final piece so we included some of the best paper we've EVER come across. This deckle edged paper is 300gsm and can withstand a ton of water. Did we mention because it's a special edition we can ship a much larger size? Start frame shopping, you're gonna love what you make with this box. This box contains over $78 worth of supplies for $59 + shipping. This is a one time purchase and is not part of any subscription. The box will ship from our facility within 3 business days of your order. 

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