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Illustrative Gouache Basic Box


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Product Description

This Basic box features three Savior Faire opaque watercolor gouache 10ml tubes. These vibrant colors are completely washable and non-toxic. They range from opaque to semi-opaque when applied directly, and become transparent for watercolor effects when thinned with water. We've also included a Caran d'Ache gouache in a 10ml white so that you can mix it with the Savior Faire colors to create a variety of tints or use, it on its own to create stark highlights. For outlines and detail work, we included a Copic Multi-liner in cobalt Blue .3mm. To put paint to paper we've included a SketchBox Signature Tri- Wedge Brush size 8. This unique brush is great for florals and a variety of techniques. Finally our surface this month is a custom Magnani Toscana Round Block. This 140lb cotton paper is great for a variety of mediums, absorbent and durable, it's perfect for the gouache in this box!

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