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Sanguine Basic Box


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Product Description

This month's box is all about Sanguine! This Basic box features a Gioconda charcoal pencil set with a range of sanguine pencils to help create a wide value range while the traditional charcoal offers a rich black to create depth. Use the white chalk pencil in this set for striking contrast, and to further push depth in your piece. In addition you will also receive a Cretacolor XL Dark Sanguine Art stick. This is perfect for filling in large areas and gesture drawing. To help you blend values, and create soft transitions in your piece you will receive the artist chamois which is a traditional tool for charcoal and sanguine artist. The next item is the Caran d'Ace triangular eraser. Use this eraser to pick out details from your sanguine artwork to help build structure and form. The surface this month is a custom Fabriano sand toned paper. This 4x6" pad contains 15 sheets, and is ideal for dry media. It's medium tone offers a striking contrast to the white chalk, and sanguine items in this box.

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