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Fineliner + Water Media Basic Box (includes cupixel access!)


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Product Description

Our first box to include cupixel, an augmented reality app we've partnered with to provide online art classes and augmented reality tracing. Now anyone can create a masterpiece, no experience required. This month is all about fineliners & water media!! This Basic box features a custom curated 16 color dot card from Daniel Smith. These premium watercolors offer a range of primaries and fun, unique colors. This box also includes Holbein Acrylic Gouache in Juane Brillant. This premium gouache can be diluted like a watercolor or used for opaque details like a traditional acrylic paint. For outlines, we have a 6 color custom curated set of KingArt Pro Fineliners. This set of vivid colors features a water-based ink that will reactivate with water. Use them on top of the other materials in this box for crisp details, or for your initial sketch. We also included a Princeton Pointed Filbert in size 4, and a Rembrandt Watercolor pad. This custom 4x6" pad is hot press, 300 GSM, and the textureless surface allows for smooth line-work, and beautiful gradients.

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