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Product Description

Back by popular demand (we listen to your survey responses!) this Special Edition SketchBox will focus on creating your own Anime Figures! We partnered with @OrbitalSwan from Queensland, Australia to film an extra long how-to video that covers brainstorming your character, sketching and choosing a design, creating line art, and coloring in the character in that signature anime style! She's so insanely talented and we're so thankful she lended her talents to really go in-depth on how to create a fully developed anime figure. Just look at how cute our SketchBox figure is 😍 . This box contains all you need to sketch your figure, do both precise line work and varied line weights, layer and blend colors, and add those signature highlights anime characters are known for. So what supplies are included? We've got a 7-set of Copic markers and pens, two additional Copic Sketch Markers to offer more versatility, a Copic Sketchbook that we've fallen in love with, a full 12-set of colored fineliners, and so much more - but we don't want to give away the whole box! We're really proud of this Special Edition from the curation to the education, and we can't wait to see the anime figures you create so don't forget to tag your creations with #SketchBoxAnime. These boxes are already built and ready to ship! They contain a whopping $101.70 of value (plus a bonus item!) for $64.99+shipping making it one of the best deals on a special edition box yet!

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