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December 2016 Basic Box


Product Description

This month is all about brush pens and markers! This month we included a 4 pack of Zig Clean Color Real Brush pens. Unlike many "brush" pens, the Zig Clean Color Real Brush pen has a genuine bristle tip that lets you create marks of any width - from broad strokes to fine lines. Filled with a waterbased dye that is odorless and xylene-free, these pens are easy to blend. Both portable and versatile, they're great for plein air work as well as manga and cartooning. We also included a Zig Brush Pen #55. This double-sided hard and soft felt tip brush pen from Kuretake gives you the best of both worlds for your artwork. Great for outlining and coloring in art or creating different scenery effects. We also included a brand new item from Higgins! Higgins India Ink like you’ve never seen it before, in a pump action marker! Ideal for use on papers and boards, Higgins Pump Markers deliver a water-resistant matte finish and have a 1 mm nib that can be removed for refilling. Finally we included one of our favorite staple brush pens the Pentel Fude Touch Sign pen. This month's picture was taken by our [email protected] on instagram :)

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