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World Watercolor Premium Box


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Product Description

This watercolor box is packed full of color and travel-friendly supplies. This box features the Winsor & Newton Cotman Sketchers Pocket. This mixing set includes 12 half pans that will allow you to mix any hue you can think of! This portable set is perfect for painting on the go, as it includes a mixing palette and brush. This box also includes a Winsor & Newton Fineliner in Cool Grey. This waterproof fineliner is great for line work or subtle details. The next item in this box is the Jacquard Masking Fluid. Masking fluid allows you to create complex negative spaces with watercolors. Using the tip of the masking fluid, draw with the masking fluid to define areas you want to keep blank. Allow it to dry, then paint over the masking fluid. The paint won't adhere to the areas you've masked, and when the paint dries, you can simply rub the masking fluid off with your finger, revealing beautifully crisp white space underneath. To get the paint to paper you will receive a SketchBox Signature Dual Headed Brush. This versatile brush is perfect for filling in large areas with the 3/8" Dagger end, and to capture small details flip the brush over to the size 4 Round end. Finally, our surface this month is the Hahnemuhle Watercolor Bookmark Pad (300gsm, 15 sheets). This highly absorbent paper can hold several layers of watercolors. The paper has a slight texture to it due to the cold-press process used when manufactured, which is perfect for masking fluid and ensuring crisp details.

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