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July 2017 Basic Box


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Product Description

This month is all about technical sketching! First up we included the Zebra Delguard mechanical pencil. The mechanical pencil you’ve been waiting for, featuring a clever patent-pending design that resists lead breakage. Click once, twice, three times, unbreakable! A great tool to add to your sketching arsenal. Next up we included a full set of Art Alternatives fineliner pens. Use these fine line pens for drawing, illustrating, and coloring. They have precision 0.4 mm tips that excel at creating fine details and working with rulers making them the perfect fit for this month’s box. They feature water based ink in a triangular barrel that's easy to grip. Next up is an item we're really proud of. We partnered with Alumicolor to bring you this custom SketchBox edition pocket scale! Alumicolor rulers are more than just functional pieces — they're durable and beautifully designed professional tools. The scale itself is anodized into the ruler's surface, rather than being printed or etched, so that it never wears off. Use this for creating geometic pieces like zentanges or mandalas. We also included two Zebra Sarasa Porous pens, one in black and one in grey. These pens feature a .8mm needle point which is preferred by those seeking the performance of a fineliner, but the ink laydown of a fine tip marker. Next up we included two new items from Sakura, their new plastic nib pens - one in burgundy and one in sepia. Similar to their regular pigma micron pens these offer more flexible line widths (.4 -.5mm) with pressure. This picture was taken by our subscriber @9_hukies_of_howell on instagram.

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