December Spoilers

Our most colorful, technological, and fun box yet!

Who's ready for COLOR?!

Last month our boxes had a bit of a monochromatic vibe, so we wanted to follow it up with tons of color. Both basic and premium boxes contain 16 curated colors from Daniel Smith on a dot card - you'd be amazed how much use you can get out of a single dot. This is a great way to try out tons of high quality color without hurting your wallet. Were just getting started though, there's also sets of fineliners in both boxes and our favorite brand of acrylic gouache.

It's more than just a box...

It will be the first month that includes access to Cupixel, the augmented reality app we can't stop talking about. We're super excited to get your feedback about your experience with uploading your own reference images and following along with their artist-led classes. We REALLY can't wait to see what you create since this box truly has unlimited potential.

It is also the last monthly shipment that will definitely arrive before the holidays.

After November 20th at 4pm PST we will be closing sales for this box and will begin taking sales for our January boxes. Don't fret though, we've got past boxes that can be added to your cart during check out and ship from our facility in 3 business days to arrive in plenty of time. We're going to do our best to get our January boxes out early, but even if we do - carrier delays can happen. We highly recommend getting your subscription now anyway because this might be the most colorful, technologically advanced, and FUN box we've ever shipped. Get ready, we sure are!